Weekend Away (Kind of)

This weekend I was dog sitting, so I got to hang out with this handsome fellow all weekend!


Checkers: the best dog ever.

As lovely as that was, it meant I was away from my sewing machine all weekend, which is usually when I get most of my sewing done.


This will eventually be the top of a dress!

I’ve been working on something for a couple of weeks now, which I’ll hopefully be able to show you next weekend.  Here’s a sneak peek!

In the meantime, I brought my Colette Sorbetto pattern with me, so I could try out a full bust adjustment (FBA).  I looked at several tutorials on how to do one, but this one from Lazy Stitching was the most clear for me.  She actually has tutorials for lots of different types of bodices, which I imagine will be very helpful in the future!

In looking at how to decide on the size of the FBA, most people say to start with the size that would fit your high bust (basically the measurement at the top of your bust, right under the armpits), then do your adjustment from there.  That means I would’ve started with a 14, as my high bust measures 41″.  It seems that many people say you should start with your high bust measurement so that the shoulders and arm scythes aren’t too large, and so the other measurements fit you well.  However, I didn’t have a problem with these in the first Sorbetto I made, so I decided to just stick with the size I originally used, and add 2″ of ease.


Comparison of original pattern piece with new pattern piece!


Lines for FB

As you can see, the FBA changes the pattern quite dramatically.  The new dart should compensate for the difference in the arm scythe shape and the length.  The waist is also 2″ larger now (so 4″ when I cut it on the fold), but it was a little tight down there, too, so that should actually be helpful.  I also decided to make the back gathered for a little more ease.  And I’m thinking about drafting and attaching a collar, if I can figure that out!  I’m pretty excited to see how that all goes!


Knit fabrics!

In the meantime, I ordered some super fun knit fabrics because I’ve signed up for a Craftsy class to learn how to sew with knits!  I’m really excited about being able to make my own knit clothes, because to be honest I am a pretty casual gal and knits are often what I want to be wearing.  I will keep you all updated when I start working on that!

So that’s what I am looking towards working on in the next couple of weeks, and hopefully I will have some finished garments for you soon.  In the mean time, you can follow me on instragram where I often post pictures of things I’m working on!  Hope you all had great weekends that were possibly filled with really cute dogs.

Until next time,



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