Moneta – One of a Zillion

Over the long weekend, my fiance and I drove up to Napa, where his mom lives, and hung out there and in San Francisco for a couple of days.  It was fun and relaxing and gave me a chance to get a few pictures of my latest dress, the Moneta by Colette Patterns!


I absolutely love this dress.  It is exactly the kind of silhouette I love with the ease of a knit.  Plus it is fast to sew!  We took these pictures by the dock in Vallejo while we were waiting for a couple of friends to meet us for lunch in Napa!  It was really windy and really bright, so my face looks kind of weird, but at least you can see the dress moving!



This is actually my second Moneta.  My first is so adorable you guys.  It is a two sided almost sweater knit type fabric, and one side has stripes and one had polka dots, so I did the top in stripes and the bottom in polka dots.  It is the best!  Except when I washed it, it frayed like crazy on the hem, so I had to cut it off and re-hem it, and now it is super short. 😦  I might try to make one like it with some type of jersey some day.  Sigh. 



Size-wise, I am on the high end of the XL and the low end of the 2x, but when I compared the bodice to my lady skater pattern, which I knew fit, the XL was closer, so I went with that! I’m glad I did – it fits really well up top and I like the length of the bodice a lot.  The fabric is from Jo-Ann’s – I went in for a couple of notions and I found this stripey fabric and it was on sale for only $5/yard and I really loved the colors.  It is really soft and nice, and the dress is so comfortable!



For the first one I struck out on my own, but for this one I followed the sewalong which was super helpful, especially when it came to the elastic attaching.  I am still going to need some work on it, but this version was way better than my first.  Also, Devon helped me a few times at Sew L.A. and she was super helpful and nice so I liked learning from her!  I also made a third version during the sew along which I hope to share shortly!

So that’s it!  I really love this dress and plan on making a zillion, hence the title of this post. 

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “Moneta – One of a Zillion

    • Thank you! I was super amazed – I didn’t even feel the need to alter the shoulders, which I’ve had to do for every single other pattern I’ve ever made (expect the scout tee, but that is supposed to be slouchy so I didn’t bother)!

  1. Very cute! I like the sound of your other one – I love print mixing and it’s so hard to find matching prints, a double-sided knit sounds perfect. As for it being too short now, just wear it with leggings when it gets (slightly) cooler. Instant winter dress!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I was thinking about leggings! I’ll have to see how it looks – the proportion might be a little weird, but I might not care! I definitely want to make some versions of this with either mixed prints or a print and a solid, though!

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