Coco Top (And MMM’14 Week 1 Round Up)!

ImageA few weeks ago I made Tilly and the Buttons great pattern, the Coco top!  This is a super versatile pattern with a classic, Breton top shape, that I really like.  I was pretty much treating this as a wearable muslin, as this fabric is much stretchier than what is recommended.  However, I still ended up with a very wearable top.

ImageI cut a straight size 8, and I actually think I could possibly go down a size, especially if I want something a little more close-fitting, more like a Breton top. But this top is super comfortable as is.  I thought about adding a patch pocket (and even cut one out), but decided the placement would be awkward.  Where do people with large busts put pockets?  Or should I just avoid them altogether?  I think a contrasting pocket would be so cute!

ImageI think one advantage to using a ponte as suggested would be slight smoother lines in the back!  I think I might also want to narrow the sleeves a bit.  I love the neckline, though!

ImageSide split!  Such a cute detail.  It would probably look nicer in a stable knit. 🙂  Overall, I think I will making plenty of these in the future!

I also wanted to give you a Me Made May Round-up.  You’ve seen my outfits if you follow me on instagram!  I had pledged to wear three me made items a week, so here are the two outfits other than the outfit above!


Both of these are knit scout tees and you will notice that all three of my me made items this week are knit tops.  Definitely a staple of my wardrobe and something that I will be making a lot more of!

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