Spring/Summer Sewing plans!

Hi all!  I’m back!  Kind of.  The year so far has been officially insane.  I am just really busy with multiple jobs, job searching, volunteering, and wedding planning.  Plus trying to have a social life. Things have slowed down just a bit recently, and I’ve actually had time to do some sewing and picture taking!  Before I show you what I’ve been working on lately, I thought I’d show you what kinds of things I’m hoping to make in the next few months.
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One thing I’ve noticed as the warm weather approaches is that I don’t have a lot of T-shirts I actually like.  I have a lot that I wear under sweaters or to bed, but not a lot I feel comfortable in without something over it.  So, I’m planning to make a few!  I think I will mostly use the Scout tee, which I have used previously.  I also recently made a Coco (to be blogged soon!) and have the Renfrew pattern as well (although I think I will have to grade up in order to use that one) which I am planning to use.  I’d also love a raglan t-shirt pattern if anyone has any ideas!
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I’ve been teaching this semester, which means I’ve had to dress a little nicer than I normally do, and it turns out that 6 years in graduate school and 3 years as a postdoc leave you with very few nice blouses.  So I’d like to make a few!  Honestly, I don’t have to get too fancy, so I was thinking of using the Scout tee again, but with some nice fabric – maybe challis or some nice voiles.  I’d also like to make a few tunic-type tops.  If anyone has a good idea for a pattern there, I’d be happy to hear about those as well!
Floral Fit and Flare
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I recently bought this super pretty floral stretch cotton sateen on a whim, and am planning to use it to make a nice fit and flare dress.  I am going to have a lot of fancy-ish events in the next few months for my wedding and other people’s weddings so hopefully I will get a lot of use out of it!  I don’t have a pattern yet, but I am thinking possibly the Emery Dress?  I also have a peplum top pattern, and maybe I could use that and just extend the peplum into a skirt?  More research needed!
Knit Dresses
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As it turns out, knit dresses are pretty much my go to “I just want to be comfortable and cool but still look nice” clothing item.  I have a fair number in my wardrobe already, but I’d really love a few more!  I am planning to use the Lady Skater (I’ve made two already and will be blogging them soon!) pattern and the new and beautiful Moneta pattern to make the knit dress wardrobe of my dreams.
I’ll hopefully be back over the weekend to show you what I’ve been sewing up lately!
Until next time,

2 thoughts on “Spring/Summer Sewing plans!

  1. Glad to see you back! I completely understand how life gets so intense but glad you are still finding the time to sew a little along the way. I recently added Simplicity’s new top pattern #1363 – Loose fitting, which is great for summer, with a slight high low hem. And I see you have already heard about Colette Patterns Moneta. It looks great dressed up or dressed down. Look forward to seeing what you have been working on!

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