Hoodie Sweatshirt!

Since my manfriend bought me a serger for Chanukah, I thought the nice thing to do would be to use it to make him a hoodie!


And he graciously let me take pictures of him in it!

He’s just so cute.  I used McCall’s 6614 View D for the pattern, but obviously didn’t use contrasting fabric for the cuffs or hood.  He’s not really a contrast-y kind of guy. But I did use this super soft hunter green sweatshirt fleece from fabric.com.  Jeremy wears hoodies a lot, and until this year they were all black, but then he branched out to gray.  I thought I’d push him a little further and try for a nice dark green.  I think it looks really great with his eyes!

ImageThe serger worked out super great for most of the seams, but I definitely still need to work on getting my sewing machine to deal with knits.  This was especially difficult for it because the fabric is so bulky.  I think most of the top stitching turned out ok though.  I am planning to make one for my brother next, and hopefully that will turn out even better!

ImageThe only big issue I had was that somehow the 24″ zipper the pattern said to buy was 4″ shorter than the front of the hoodie!  I have no idea how that happened, although you’d think different sizes would require different lengths.  So I ended up creating little darts in the front so that it would attach in the right place.  As you can see the hoodie has a bit of a deeper neckline than it should, but since he will always be wearing a t-shirt under it it doesn’t matter too much.


Back view!

The other thing I didn’t end up loving about the pattern is that the hood is super bulky.  Maybe the under layer would be better in cotton or something?  It definitely works, it just doesn’t lay nicely in the back.  But I think that’s something most people wouldn’t notice too much.  Hopefully.

Anyway, it was really fun making something for Jeremy, and he loves it and has been wearing it pretty much non-stop! In fact, he wore it on the day he proposed!


Just before the proposal.

I definitely want to make more things for him as gifts in the future!

Until next time,



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