New Year Sewing Resolutions (and some other stuff!)

Hi all!  

I hope everyone had some really great holidays and breaks and time and stuff!  

I haven’t been posting but I have actually done some sewing over my break and so I will post those things soon!  If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen most of the stuff already!

For now, I wanted to post a couple of ideas for my sewing in the coming year!

Thought 1: Sew things I will actually wear day to day. I’ve been having a lot of fun sewing dresses and skirts and such, and while I wear dresses sometimes, the fact of the matter is I have a super casual life.  I work in a lab, I live in LA, I don’t go out much other than to friends houses or the occasional bar. This all means: mostly I wear jeans and tees.  I also wear easy, throw on knit dresses, especially in the summer. So!  More sewing that stuff.  I think the new serger will help a lot with that – I’ve already made a knit Scout Tee (to be blogged) and am about to start on a knit dress. I am actually applying for professor positions right now (yipes), but even if I move into that kind of position, I am a scientist and we’re a casual bunch. So at fanciest I’d be wearing slacks and maybe a slightly nicer top or even t-shirt. This brings me to…

Thought 2: Sew some pants! If the idea is to sew most of my own wardrobe, I need some pants. I am thinking about getting the Colette Clovers as this is the style of pants/jeans I usually like. I am also planning to look into a couple of more traditional jeans patterns. I’m expecting to have to do a lot of fitting to get pants to look good, but I am excited about the possibility of making things that I will wear every day. This is related to…

Thought 3: Work more on fit. One of the main reasons I wanted to learn to sew is to make clothes I really liked but that I wouldn’t be able to buy RTW because of my size.  So, what’s the point of spending all the time and money sewing stuff up if it doesn’t fit better than RTW would? I’m planning to both finish this Craftsy course on fitting for Plus Sizes, and just in general take more time to work on fit before I sew things!  

Other life stuff!

1) We got a cat!  Her name is now Donuts and she is the sweetest cat ever.  We went into the shelter planning to get two kittens, but we just totally fell in love with her, even though she is six and doesn’t really like other cats. Plans, right?


Donuts, laying on my lap the day after we brought her home.

2) We got engaged!  My now fiancee proposed on the side of the Pacific Coast Highway on Christmas Eve (even though we’re Jewish :)) So that’s super exciting!  We have a while to plan but I am already scheming.  People have been asking if I am going to make my wedding dress. I am not, because I don’t think my skills are quite there yet nor do I want the extra stress of doing that!  However, I would love to make my rehearsal dinner dress so I will have to come up with some ideas for that one. Might be a good excuse to buy some insanely pretty but normally prohibitively expensive Liberty Lawn fabric :).  We’ll see!  For now it’s pretty exciting!


Immediately post proposal – It was an insanely gorgeous day!

Until next time,



10 thoughts on “New Year Sewing Resolutions (and some other stuff!)

  1. Congratulations!! Marie (A Stitching Odyssey) and I are cooking up a Jeans in June project. The plan is to provide inspiration, tips, etc in the months leading up to June. It’s more of a goal & experimentation project that a traditional ‘sewalong’ – keep an eye out for us!

  2. Great goals! Like you I am going to sew some everyday wear this year. And I plan on focusing on fit as well! 🙂 Your new kitty is adorably cute! Those eyes!

  3. Congratulations! You look so happy in that photo!
    Good luck with your 2014 goals, especially the pants-making goal. That’s one that has always seemed like a toughie to me.

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