Corduroy Zinnia!

Welcome to fall in Los Angeles, where it has been 85 degrees all week!  Even though it is still crazy hot here, I wanted to get in the fall mood by sewing up some of the most fall-ish fabric around, corduroy.


Checkers really liked my skirt.

This is, of course, the Colette Zinna, view A.  Even though I’ve made a few of Colette’s patterns, this was the first one that I bought the actual paper pattern for, and it was just so pretty!  The pattern, and especially view A I think, is a great beginner pattern.  The only fitting is the waist – I will get to that in a second – and it is all pretty simple.  The only thing that I had a problem with was the inverted pleat on the pocket, it took me a minute to realize that it should fold over completely and cover the back of the pleat.  If that makes sense.  But if I’d actually looked at the skirt on the model it would’ve been super clear.


Unfortunately my waist is outside of the size range for Colette Patterns.  So I had to grade the waistband up.  To do this, I looked at the differences in waist size on their size chart, and saw that in the high-end of the range each size is 2 inches.  From there, I figured out how many inches I would need to add (8 inches in this case), which would make me a size “26.”  Then, I looked on the pattern piece, and measured the length between size 16 and 18 on the pattern, which was 1 inch (makes sense, since you cut it on the fold).  So, I just added 1 inch per size (4 inches total) in length to the pattern piece!  Since the skirt is gathered, I decided to not add any width, and just have a less gathered skirt, which I find is more flattering on me anyway.  I actually think I went a little too big, and the skirt ended up sitting lower than I wanted.  I’m hoping it might shrink a little in the wash!


For the skirt I used this Robert Kaufman corduroy (it’s much brighter in person than it was on the website, but I love the color).  It is lovely and soft and lightweight and easy to work with except in a few spots where there were many layers.  I’m glad it’s not a heavy corduroy, because that means I could probably wear this skirt year-round here.  I think the pockets are really cute, but I might make them a touch bigger next time – I can’t fit my hand in all the way!  I used these super neat buttons – you can’t tell on the website but they are actually white squares inside of curved clear round buttons.  They look pretty cool.  Since the skirt itself can be pretty plain, depending on fabric choice, I think it would be neat to do some totally awesome wooden or leather buttons.

ImageThe only other change I made was taking 4 3/4″ off of the bottom of the skirt right before I hemmed it!  And it is still just below my knees.  I think this is partly a function of it sitting below my natural waist, and partly a function of me being super short (~5’3″).  I actually had to cut off a button-hole I’d made!  Next time I make the skirt I will do that at the actual shortening-line.

On a separate note, taking photos this time was really fun because my friend Elisabeth (owner of the lovely Checkers) did a little photo shoot for me.  Hence the props!  Thanks Elisabeth!  

I’ll leave you guys with one last photo of the most adorable dog.


Until next time,





8 thoughts on “Corduroy Zinnia!

  1. What a great skirt. I have the pattern but haven’t attempted it yet. I had been thinking about linen but after seeing yours in corduroy I am rethinking my fabric choice. Yours is fabulous!

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