My very own color palette!

I am working on finishing my Fall for Cotton challenge outfit (the top is almost finished, but I haven’t even started the skirt yet!).  In the mean time I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my wardrobe in general – both what I want it to look like and whether or not it’s functional now.  It’s something I think about from time to time, but the recent posts on Tilly and the Buttons about personal style and Bobbins and Whimsy about building a functional wardrobe have been inspiring me lately.  I haven’t done a huge clean out or re-organization of my closet yet, but last night I did get rid of a few things that I realized I just never reach for.  In both posts, they talk about having a signature color palette, and in her latest post, Jenny posted her own fall color palette and linked to a post where Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow shows us how to make our own!


My color palette!

Sources clockwise from top left: one/two/three/four/five/six/seven

I chose my colors pretty much by thinking about what I have in my closet and what I like to wear/what is flattering on me.  I also looked at my Pinterest page to see what themes emerged, but I noticed that I often don’t pin clothes for color, because I know I can make them in whatever color I want 🙂

I wear navy, teal, and medium blue the most.  That teal is probably my favorite color.  I also really love saturated colors such as the forest green and burgundy.  Gray is definitely my favorite neutral, and in smaller doses I wear mustard, kelly green, mint, black, and cream.  I think having this color palette will help me when I am thinking about fabric choices, and going through my closet to determine what I am going to keep.

Some of the images above are from my fall wardrobe mood boards, which I will be posting about after my Fall for Cotton project is done!  Have you guys made a color palette?  Or do you have favorite colors you wear all the time?

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20 thoughts on “My very own color palette!

  1. What gorgeous colours! My favourite thing about it is that when I look at any three colours, I can imagine them in a really stylish harmonious outfit together. That’s a good sign that you’ll get lots of wear from the palette! Great job! Can I link to you next time I do a palette roundup?

  2. Very nice colour palette! I’m still working on mine, since aging and dying my hair a new colour recently has ‘messed’ with my original colours that I usually wear. I think yours is a very classic colour combination that can be worn anytime, very wearable.

    • Thank you! Yeah, I’ve thought about the hair thing because my natural color is pretty close to black, so wearing darker colors used to be a little sadder, but now that it’s reddish I feel better about wearing clothes that aren’t quite as bright (although I still love those, too)!

  3. I haven’t actually made a palette, but I know exactly what sets of colours I like to wear, and that generally dictates what fabrics I’ll look at and those I’ll walk straight past. I try not to be totally rigid about it, but honestly, it makes co-ordinating my wardrobe so much easier!!!

    • That’s what I’m hoping mine with help me with, too! I’m often drawn to fabrics because they are cool or pretty but then I realize they don’t coordinate with anything I already own.

      • Oh I know that feeling all too well! Not so much with fabric buys, but with clothing buys, definitely. I get seduced by some pretty detail, and totally fail to notice that the thing as a whole won’t go with anything of mine at all. I try now to stick to a Three Items Rule for impulse buys- if I can think of three items of my existing wardrobe that the potential impulse buy will go with, then it’s ok to buy it. That usually helps me to focus my spendification a bit better!

  4. I have never made a color palette, but I can see from yours that we both like very similar colors. Perhaps I should give one a try. I love reds, corals, gingers, rust colors, browns, and teals. Oh I love teal, My fabric stash has so much of that! I have been trying to force myself not to buy that color!

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