Fall for Cotton Update!

Hey guys!  I wanted to give you all an update on my Fall for Cotton plans and progress!  It’s been pretty fun so far thinking about all the options!  I am making a blouse and a skirt!  Fun times!  For the blouse I am making view C of Simplicity 1692.


And for the skirt I am making a button down A-line skirt inspired by this one:


And here are the fabrics!  For the top, I am using the plaid shirting from Mood Fabrics, which is basically all of my favorite colors in one fabric, and these super awesome star buttons for the shoulders.  It seems like novelty buttons were used in 1940s fashions, and I thought the stars on the shoulders would be a fun nod to the military-esque nature of some of the clothing of the time.  For the skirt I am using this blue corduroy and these cool clear buttons (sorry, they are on backorder because I got the last ones ;))  The corduroy is a bit brighter in person, but it is still a nice color.


I was a little worried that a corduroy button down skirt would turn out a little too 70s, but then Rochelle just happend to write this whole post on how period appropriate corduroy is, and posted this great picture that I am going to use for more inspiration.  I might even add the pockets as seen on the green version on the left!  I will talk more about the skirt in another post, but I am going to be designing it myself using the Design and Sew an A-line Skirt class on Craftsy.  Which, by the way is only $9.99 right now!  So far I’ve watched all the introduction, and I am so excited to learn some drafting techniques.


I’ve already made a muslin for the shirt and done a lot of adjusting.  I cut a size 20, with a size 14 neckline (I would feel like I am being choked in that super-high neckline, plus it’s not always flattering on us busty ladies).  I ended up lowering it a bit more though 🙂


It was a little too narrow through the tummy and hip area, so I fixed that by grading from a 5/8″ seam allowance to a 3/8″ seam allowance.  Then I felt like there was a little too much fabric under the bust so I just sewed the front darts 2.5″ higher from where they originally ended.  I also made the sleeve narrower by 1.5″ at the end, and curved it into the side seam.  Now I feel like it fits well and its pretty flattering.  I can’t wait to get the top sewn up, hopefully during this week!

Until next time,



6 thoughts on “Fall for Cotton Update!

  1. What great progress you have made! Now if I can only let your progress inspire me to get working on mine. I had big plans for this past weekend but things went awry.
    I love the buttons, they are so cute and will be adorable on the shoulders. And I love corduroy! What a great skirt it is going to make!

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