Collared Green Sorbetto

Haha, puns!  I had to cheer myself up somehow, because I was so excited about the idea of this top, but…blah.


Trying to look like I’m happy with this top!

This is my second Sorbetto, and since the fit was not so great on the first one, I made a lot of changes this time around.  Mayhaps too many.  I did a 2″ FBA, I added a 1″ pleat in the back for a little more ease and fanciness, and I shortened the straps, which also shortened the armholes.  I think I like everything except that I should’ve done a smaller FBA I think.  It’s also way too short now, probably because I shortened the straps, duh.  It just looks too boxy right now.


Back pleat!

Now that I am looking at pictures of the back I’m not sure I needed that extra ease… or maybe I just need a sway back adjustment?

Since the pattern comes together so quickly, I decided to challenge myself and add a collar!  I had this skirt, which I loved, but never wore because it was see-through (and a little too small). So I cut it up and decided to make a collar and bias tape for the sleeves.  I really like this combo in theory… but the collar might actually be what I like the LEAST about this top.


Floral collar and exposed bias tape!

It’s too…wide at the shoulders?  Too big?  I was really excited because I drafted this collar all by myself (with the help of a lot of tutorials online, most notably this one from So Zo…) using a peter pan collar from a top I already have in my wardrobe.  But, yeah, blah.  Maybe it would look better on something with sleeves?  I am hoping once it gets cooler, this shirt might look cute under some sweaters.  We will see!


Finishing this project was kind of bittersweet – most of the time I want to finish a project so I get to wear it!  But this time I just wanted to finish it so I wouldn’t have to look at it again.  On the other hand, seeing the difference between my first Sorbetto and this one, both in the fit and quality of the sewing, I feel like I’ve grown a lot just these last few months!  Challenging myself has been one of the best things about learning to sew, and drafting this collar and trying to figure stuff out has definitely satisfied that.

I am chugging along on my Fall for Cotton challenge, and should be back with a post about that this weekend!

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “Collared Green Sorbetto

    • Thanks! Yeah, I know it happens all the time, and I still learned a lot, but this is the first time I’ve made something that I am not into at all. Ah well! I will try it under some stuff when it cools down.

  1. We all have projects that we are not happy with, but sometimes lessons are learned and the next time will be different. I think you are right about just adding a jacket or a sweater. I do love that you made your own peter pan collar, I am trying to do that currently on a 1950’s dress. I will certainly use the link provided to get some insight to this.

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