Wedding Guest Dress!

After all that thinking and planning about a dress to make for the wedding I am attending next week, I did something completely different!  Here is McCall’s 6551, in a teal chambray from Sew LA!

Easy indeed.  I cut an XL of view C (minus the belt) and the only adjustment I made was taking about 2″ off the bottom (although I probably should’ve done a little less).  I didn’t have quite enough of the chambray to do the facings, so I decided to use some of the blue gingham I used for my Sorbetto (also from Sew LA – man I love that place).  I also decided to bind the seams, which meant making a bunch of bias tape!

IMG_2712      IMG_2713

Honestly, I think making the bias tape took the longest in the entire construction.  From cutting to finishing this dress probably took about 3 hours!  There are a few things I will change next time regarding the fit. I will definitely do a narrow shoulder adjustment – I think the sleeves hit me a little low.  There is also some extra fabric in the back near my waist – maybe I need a sway back adjustment?  I also would like to raise the armholes a bit – they are not so low that you can see my bra, but it’s a little too much armpit for my taste.  I also think I may raise the neckline a bit – for an evening wedding I think it’s ok to show a little more cleavage than I normally would, but if I make another version it might be for daytime in which case this might be a little much.

IMG_2716   IMG_2715

I also think this pattern is really versatile – it would be fun to do contrasting sleeves, add a collar, cut at the waist and add seam allowances and do color block, or add elastic at the waist.  I will definitely be making this one again!


For the wedding I will be dressing it up with fun heels, a belt, and some nice jewelry.  I’ll make sure to post a picture of me all done up on my instagram!

Until next time,



12 thoughts on “Wedding Guest Dress!

  1. The dress looks good on you! I love that you used a contrasting fabric for the facings and for the bias tape. It looks so professional on both the outside and the inside of the garment!

  2. I had never cared much for this dress (saw it a few times when browsing catalogues) but I like your take on it! It is really versatile looking as everyone says. I really love how it goes together with the belt. I love your comment about bias tape though – I hate making it. I’ve cut out all these triangles and they’re all stashed away waiting to me made, but I just can’t be bothered. Maybe one lazy weekend…?

    • Yeah, I tend to avoid dresses that are straight up and down, but this one has a little shaping, and the belt really helps. 🙂 Making bias tape is super annoying, but I do really love the end result!

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