Wedding Present Lap Duvet

Here is the lap duvet I made for my friend’s wedding!ImageI followed the instructions from purl soho.  It is a super fluffy and soft throw sized blanket that will be perfect for my friends to cuddle under on chilly nights, or to use in a comfy chair.  

ImageAs you can see, it is the perfect size to use on the couch, since it’s not as big as a bed-size blanket.  It’s also quite thin, but because it has wool batting it should still be quite warm.



The only “quilt”-like aspect are the tufting stitches.  To make those, I just used a small zig-zag stitch and dropped my feed dog so the blanket wouldn’t go anywhere.  The tutorial was correct in that this project probably only took a couple of hours start to finish.  The only difficult thing was clearing out a space big enough to lay every thing down, both for cutting and pinning where the tufting stitches would go.



I used two lightweight cottons for the shell – the stripey one is a voile, and so soft and thin, while the solid gray is lawn, so a little thicker and almost feels like a really nice bed sheet.  I’m so happy with how it turned out – it is just so cozy.  I really hope my friends love it.  My boyfriend is really sad we’re not keeping it, so I’m thinking another one will be in the works shortly!

Until next time,





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