You guys.

You guys, I am exhausted.

Between moving and settling in and going to a week-long conference where I was expected to be on ~14 hours a day, talking science most of the time (I love talking science, but dear god that is a lot.  And a lot of scientists.  And not to push the stereotype, but they are not always the easiest to chat with) I just feel so drained.

So I pretty much took a mental health day yesterday to get a haircut and do a little shopping.  I went into my favorite “oooh thats so pretty but soooo many dollars, boo” store, Anthropologie, and found this baby:


just. gah.  also, my hair looks perfect because I’d just gotten it cut but it will literally not look that way again until I get it cut again.

It has dots, stripes, and a floral.  This shirt is basically my blog’s namesake.  I’ve been eyeing this one (and the gray stripe/mustard polka dot one!!!!) for a while.  I am usually very safe around Anthropologie clothes because they never fit me, but this blousy/boxy trend has made it such that I can actually get into such things.  And so I did.  And I was in love.  But!  I took the above picture and sent it to my most practical friend, saying “It would be crazy for me to spend $60 on a t-shirt, right?  Right?!?!?!” who promptly responded that yes, indeed it is nuts, especially because I could make a shirt like that.

Oh, right, I know how to sew clothes.  And this is basically a boxy t-shirt with a different fabric back, just like the Sorbetto I made.  So I am posting this here to make myself remember to make this guy.  I am thinking I could probably use the Scout tee from Grainline Studios (with some grading up) as the pattern.  Now I just have to find the fabrics!  (And possibly use something other than a knit, if I haven’t figured out how to sew knit fabrics on my machine by then).  Hooray!

In the meantime, I finished the blanket mentioned in my last post, but want to wash and press it before I take photos (hopefully this weekend), and I decided on a pattern and fabric for the dress I’m going to make for the wedding, but haven’t even gotten started putting the pattern together for that yet.  Also this weekend, hopefully!  Along with plenty of resting.

Until next time,



5 thoughts on “You guys.

    • I hope so! Yeah, it was hard to walk away from but I think I would’ve regretting spending that much! And now that I am more recharged, I can say YAY SCIENCE, INDEED!

  1. Love your haircut! Very nice. $60? really? But it does look good on you.. oh yeah.. you can whip that up and it should certainly cost a lot less! Another project to add to your list!

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