Next up!

Now that my Hawthorn is complete, I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to work on next.  I am in the midst of sewing up another Sorbetto, but with some fit adjustments, and I am going to try drafting and attaching a Peter Pan collar.  I’m hoping I will be able to get that finished tomorrow!

The rest of the month is crazy – I am officially moving in this weekend, next week I am going to a 5-day conference (where I will be presenting my work – yipes!), then two weeks later my parents are coming to visit, and then I am going back to St. Louis for a friend’s wedding.  This wedding is very special to me because I actually introduced the couple!  The groom is a friend I’ve known since junior high, and the bride is a friend I made in New York, who then moved to St. Louis for graduate school.  I introduced them while I was visiting home, and they hit it off!  So I am going to be focusing the rest of the month on making my friends a wedding gift and possibly a dress for the wedding itself.

For the wedding gift, I am going to try making a blanket!  Well, technically it is a “lap duvet” which sounds extra fancy.  The fabric is already on it’s way to me so it should be waiting for me when I get back from the conference.  Instead of double gauze, I decided to use lightweight voile for the shell.


Robert Kaufman Cambridge Cotton Lawn in Grey from


Veronica Voile Stripe in Gray from









I hope they like it!  And also that it turns out well!  🙂  The nice thing about making a wedding present is that I didn’t feel the need to spend as much money as I would have had I just bought something off the registry.  Since I just moved and have to travel for the wedding, this is a definite plus!  I also think this is a little more personal, and I know my friend will get a lot of use out of it because she is always cold!

For the dress, I need something that will be on the quick side, nice enough for a wedding (although it is outdoors and they are not particularly fancy people, so it doesn’t have to be a ball gown or anything), and light weight because oh my gosh St. Louis is hot and humid that time of year.  Apparently it was 102 degrees on that day last year.  And did I mention it is going to be outdoors?  

I have a few patterns already that might work well – V8646 is a “Very Easy Vogue” and “Custom Fit” wrap dress, which means it shouldn’t take too long to sew up and I might not have to do as much fitting since I can pick my cup size.  B5898 is also a wrap dress, but with a little more detail, so it might be more appropriate for a wedding.

There’s also a few indie patterns I’ve had my eye on: I actually have the Clara dress pattern already and I really love it, but I’m not sure how I feel about the sleeves and I’m not sure I’ll have time to figure out how to change them.  I also think it might be a touch too casual. I also think the Staple Dress from April Rhodes is super cute, and it would be relatively simple, but I could fancy it up with fabric choice and accessories.  And since it’s drafted to be roomy I probably wouldn’t have to mess with the fit very much.  I also really like the Coffee Date Dress from Pattern Runway, but I am a little concerned about fitting it, and also high necklines sometimes aren’t super flattering on me.  I’m also very intrigued by several dresses at TipTopFit, where you can apparently send your measurements and they send you the pattern to fit you!  I like the idea of this very much – has anyone out there used any of their patterns?  Since I’m on a time crunch I’m a little concerned with trying something new, but it might be very time-saving!

For fabric I am definitely thinking a floral – that is very wedding to me!  I have some ideas:


Fashionable in Azure from Hawthorne Threads


Pristine Poppy in Citron by Joel Dewberry at Hawthorn Threads


Poppies in Teal by Birch Organics from Sew Modern

So what do you guys think?  I’m pretty excited at all the possibilities!  I’ll definitely be keeping you updated.

Until next time,




2 thoughts on “Next up!

  1. I love the Poppies in Teal fabric. Beautiful colors without being overpowering. I had never heard of TipTopFit until you mentioned it in your blog. I checked them out and all I can say is wow. What a great thing to have the pattern fitted to your size. And the feedback is all great. Plus the price! WOW. I am thinking of trying one of their patterns out. I love pattern 4240. I love the simple lines of the dress and I love the long collar. Plus as the weather gets cooler you could throw on a collarless jacket or sweater and it would still look great. It has been unseasonably cool here in Indiana with lows making it into the low 60’s at night. Makes for a chilly evening. Good luck with all you have going on this month!

  2. How funny: I’m working on a Sorbetto of my own ATM. Mine is from scrap fabric though, so who knows if it will work out! Your Peter Pan collar idea sounds adorable!

    All three florals are gorgeous, but I think my favorite is “Fashionable in Azure.” Good luck finding the perfect pattern for whichever one you choose!

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