Hound’s Teeth

Hi everyone!  My boyfriend and I took a break on Sunday from marathoning the new Arrested Development episodes, and I happened to be wearing a skirt I made a few weeks ago, so I asked him take some pictures so I could share it with you.Image


I made this skirt using some scrap pieces from the mustard skirt in my first post, and this mini-houndstooth suiting from Joann’s.  It is polyester but it is so soft and drapes really nicely.  And so cute!


ImageThis skirt was constructed in a very similar way to the previous one, but I cut the waistband and skirt body into two equal pieces, so I could use side seams and put in pockets!  I used the mustard fabric for the pockets, because I love contrasting pockets with all of my heart.  I also made the waistband a couple of inches longer because I wanted it to sit a little lower on my waist.  It’s also narrower because I only had thinner pieces of fabric left over. #overlyhonestmethods  




I also put in the zipper at the side seam.  As you can see, my zipper insertion still needs some work.  I probably should have been less lazy and used yellow thread for the waistband, but what’re you gonna do. 




So, that’s my houndstooth skirt!  Thanks for reading!  Next time, something made from an actual pattern!

Image Until next time,



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